once upon a time


Hello hello :) What better way to start the day then with watching this cute little film made by Karl Lagerfeld himself starring Kiera Knightley as Coco Chanel!

The short film takes place in the french seaside town of Deauville the year is 1913 and it’s where and when Coco Chanel started up her own store!  You should check it out!



seq ny


sequu ny

Sequin top and shorts: vintage, shirt:emilio, shoes: urban outfitters, bracelet: mmm for h&m, rings: bvlgari and gina tricot

Hello! So today has been the exciting day of laundry! Then my sister and my nephew came around for some dinner, also just had a real fun skype session with one of my london friends who I really miss :) Gonna cosy up now! Really wanna watch once upon a time (yes the show I’ve being going on about for the last few days) I stream it, and soon I’ve catched up with the american tv, don’t wanna come to the point where I have to wait a whole week to watch episodes, oohh what a dilemma, what to do?!!? ha.. This is pretty much my biggest problem right now! that’s a bit sad.. haha, xx