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HAIR HAIR and more HAIR!

It’s not only the clothes we’re excited to see on the runway, even though that’s the main thing, we shall not forget about the hair and beauty trend that goes with it! And this year there’s something for everyone!

Marc Jacobs showed a very 60’s hairdo, whilst Phillip Lim and Saint Laurent went for the more grungy look with messy hair! (A style that I’m a big fan of, considering I never really brush my hair… Moving on!)

Anthony Vaccarello went for messy hair too but in a messy up do instead, and then we can see that the back slick is still going strong this year, by Balmain who decided to style their models that way!

A nice back slick is so hot! Would love to have it, but having a fringe makes it real complicated..

Anyways, I’m off to my sister’s place now, gonna meet my cousin and his family and then I’m heading into town to have dinner with my friend :) yum yum!

Also have some fun pics coming up



I have my pink lips on today!  I’m now waiting for my mum to come home, promised her to help her out some more today, have some more errands to take care off and after that I’m gonna have a quiet friday in :) To be honest I haven’t really realised that it is friday today, doesn’t feel like a friday, this week has gone fast, too fast!



Went passed Make up store the other day, and thought I’d go in and have a look at their lipsticks, we’re in the mood for a fun colour, I first looked at the orange /coral ones, think that lipstick colour is lush for summer time, but orange is not really my colour, so instead I went for a hot pink colour, Mandy it’s called, and I love it! Feel a bit like a walking candy land though with my pink lips and purple hair, ha!

Today’s plan is to first play super loud music, and have a bit of a dance in the livingroom, then take out the trash (exciting yes!) then I’m meeting up with my mum in our allotment, we’ve been renovating it, so there’s a few things to be done!



Above from left: Leather shorts:, pink rouge: Topshop, Acne shoes, underneath from left: Givenchy tee, Chanel lipstick, leather tee: topshop

A few things that are on the top of my wishlist atm! Quite into pink makeup lately, think it’s very springy and cute! Also found this leather tee from Topshop, want want want! A pair of leather shorts for summer, NEED! A givenchy look alike tee, a baggy one! And check out this Acne show, how cool aren’t they?!? Pretty cool!

P.s. just realised that it’s already 7 o clock! Oh my, time is running fast today!, Also went out to pick up my new hairdye, I always order from THIS swedish website, think they’re good, you get the products in 2 or 3 days! Since I started dying my hair purple I’ve used Crazy Color, but noticed that it doesn’t last long at all! I have to redye it every week! So I googled it, and read that the brand “Directions” is supposed to be better, therefore I ordered two of the  violet color, Directions, and thank god I ordered two, cause they’re tiny!!! Super small! 80ml, I think it’s in one, in crazy color there was at least 100 ml in a bottle, So I hope this brand is better now and more long lasting, cause it was like 18 pounds for those two tiny ones… but I always mix it with conditioner so it lasts longer, also a great thing if you want a lighter colour ;) ! xx


From left: Mascara: Loreál Mega Volume, Eyeliner: Maybelline master precise, Brush: h&m, Lipstick: Viva la vida, Concealer: Clinique, Powder: Rimmel London, Stay matte, Foundation: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, Fragrance: Euphoria Calvin Klein, Bronzing powder/blush : Isadora

My everyday make.

Can really recommend all of it, but especially the eyeliner, it’s amazing! like holding a pen! And the Rimmel powder is so good, cheap as well!