La Mamounia




pallmm3 copy

Hiya! Sorry for slow updates lately, flew to London on Monday, and since then I’ve been a bit of a busy bird! Anyways, thought I’d share with you another outfit from Morocco, me and my sister went to visit the luxury hotel, La Mamounia, where some parts of sex and the city 2 were filmed, so it was cool to check it out!

Gosh now I’m super hungry! I have prepared jerk chicken for me and my man to dine tonight, we’ve never had it before, but by the sounds of it, it seems lush! Have a lovely evening you all, todels! xx



My new Acne tee, it’s a bit see through, and loose, like a mens tee, just perfect!

A bit of a late update today, been out and about, went to the same place tonight as I did yesterday with my friends, it was real nice! I just came home, hungry, thinking about making one of my magical toasts oh yeaah! watch something cosy and have a look at my right eye, something is a bit fishy with it, it hurts. hope it’s just something in my eye, cause if it’s one of those small eye pimples, then it’s a major pain I’m in for.. let’s hope for the best ey!

Goodnight you all xx !