FFFphoto (20)

fphoto (20)

Pics: Tommy ton,

During fashion week, the great thing is, that not only do you see all the fashion on the runway, you also get to see all the amazing fashion on the streets! Thank god for street style photographers ey! Tommy Ton is one of those brilliant streetstyle photographers, he captures fashion so very well!

 Already seen Tiffany Hsu wearing two of those amazing Givenchy sweatshirts, she’s wearing one of them on the top right, oh LOVE em! Jealous, yes! Also how cool isn’t the lady in the grey coat with those wicked black heels, wow!, statement shoes for real! 

What outfits do you like from the above? I pretty much love em all!

So what’s happening today, well now I’m at my friend’s place Clara, we’re here with our friend Sara, who’s down from Stockholm, she’s only gonna be here for the weekend I believe, so it’s real fun seeing her today! And later, well I don’t know, not any specific plans! Have a party to attend on saturday evening, so prob just gonna chill tonight :)

Hope you all are having a nice friday! xx








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Photo: Carnaby London, style hunter

Even though I look quite tired (this was after a whole day of shopping in central, so you get me) and my boyfriend seems to have super long legs, this is the best picture of us from my week in London, and it’s from Carnaby Street on the GQ magazine style night where we got snapped by Carnaby style hunter!




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lllIoon storMG_7584



Iloon stoorMG_7613


 London Baby!

So since I started blogging I haven’t actually been to London, this was the first time I went over there with a proper camera, ready to capture London! But because I’ve lived there, and been there loads, I wasn’t too keen on taking that many pictures, or to be honest, I kinda forgot.. It’s much easier to take photos of places that’s completely new to you! Don’t you agree?

So in the end of my holiday I was like “SHIAT, why haven’t we taken any photos?!?” So out with the camera, and it was time to snap away! I’ve started looking like one of those annoying tourists… to the point when my boyfriend was like “Mia, can we get rid of the camera now!” But before this comment came by, I had time to take a few pictures, like the ones above!

The first and the last picture, are taken from a vintage shop in brick lane, they had a wicked interior in there, especially fell in love with their paintings, like the one with the girl in the yellow cross, gorgeous isn’t it? If I would have had a massive house with white massive walls, I wouldn’t mind decorating my walls with a cool art piece like that! Maybe not the cross one, cause.. well having a massive cross on the wall.. is a bit out there maybe… Well you get me! So moving on!

We went passed a “SNOG” which is a chain that does the most AMAZING frozen yogurt ever! Trust me, this one is THE best! If you ever go to London, you have to make yourself a Snog visit!

You can choose from three different flavours I think, natural, chocolate or peach, and then you get to choose toppings, and they have it all, from fruits, to brownies, everything!

My fave is the natural flavour, LOVE the yogurt sour taste, combined with brownies on top, so you get that perfect sweet and sour experience! Oh so good! I told them how big of a fan I was of SNOG, so I even got a little snog spoon and snog stickers, haha nerd alert bigtime!

Then one day me and my boyfriend met up with my dear friend Maye, that I used to live with in London for a while, she’s moved to Berlin now, and we ended up booking a London trip at the same time, so was super exctied to see her! We went for brunch at The Diner, we both got ourselves some chocolate shakes, oh yeah so good! A bit of a risky order for me, considering I newly discovered that I’m lactose intolerant.. Also during my London trip I made another discovery, and that is, that I’m real SHIT at being lactose intolerant, keep forgetting it all the freakin time.. oh the sad life of a lactose intolerant. (Pst if in London do visit The Breakfast Club, the coolest one is on hoxton square, but you may have to queue a bit sometimes especially in the weekend, but do try, also the diner is coo!!)

Rough Trade, which is one of my boyfriend’s fave places, it’s a cool record shop in Brick Lane that has gigs sometimes, we went and saw The Cults there once!

When we had brunch at The Diner and I ordered a new fave of mine, bacon with banana pancakes, oh YUM! sweet and salty in the best kinda way, recommend!

The next piture is of some wall art in a burrito place in Angel actually, can’t remember the name of the place, but I spotted the cool wall art from outside and was like “damn, need to snap that”  When talking about burritos me and the man went and had burritos in another place in Angel, and omg, it was SPICY! And I can usually eat quite spicy food, but this was too far! I can still remember the burning on my tongue. Ouch!

When in east, you have to visit Spitalfield’s market, it’s close to brick lane, and it has some wicked rare stuff! And it’s got some cool displays like this car! The market is just open on weekends I believe though, perfect day to go is on a Sunday! Cause then it’s the Sunday up market in Brick lane too! Two cool markets, hello!

Now time to sort out this hard drive situation! xx Have a great night everyone!






lips klar ny!IMG_6980

Levi’s top: Rokit Vintage, gold rings: h&m, lipstick: colour Mindy from Make up Store

Came home not very long ago, after a real nice day spent with my close childhood friend Lina in town! We had a look around in a few shops before we then sat down for some tea and great food! I had a bagel with goatcheese, nuts and honey, YUM! one of my faves!

Just before we were about to go home, these two international students came over to us to asks us about something, and we ended up talking to them for like 20 mins or something, haha! they were real fun! They came to Sweden like two weeks ago, and asked us where’s a good place to buy some sweets, they admitted that they we’re gonna cook dinner for some people tonight that they really wanted to impress on, cause they were hoping that the guests would in return help them out with their english homework or something, haha!  Pretty honest!

It’s real refreshing to talk to some new people sometimes, don’t you think? Especially when they just mean well and are real fun and easy to talk to! One of the finest moments were when we said bye to them, and one of the guys said to my friend “hey I like your watch!” and then he said “watch out!” haha, such a lame joke that it actually made it funny!

Anyways, had a great day, now i’m a tired bird, and just gonna chill out, might actually watch Breaking Bad, hm will have a think! Hope you all had a great day! xx



throwbacklondon camden 295

throwbacklondon camden 331

throoowlondon camden 073


throwlondon camden 354


As some of you might already know, I’ve been spending some time in Sweden lately, sorting some stuff out before I’ll move back to London again :) London is so close to my heart, and I have such great memories from the years I’ve been living there! And super glad that I’ll be going back in a week or so, for a visit :D can’t wait!

 Here’s a few pics from the London days! The second picture is one of my fave london pics, It’s me and my friend Hanna, we’re having an amazing time it seems! ha :) so happy! The third pic is of my boyfriend, just a few weeks after I met him for the first time!

Pic 4: Me, Julia who I moved to London with and Line, check me out in my golden trousers, what up!

Pic 5: Me and Rebecca dj:ing, Pic 6: Me and the man :)

Have a great friday night everyone!! I’m having a cosy night in! xx



One of my favourite London designers and friend of mine is Agatha Hambi, Her designs has always been very appealing to me, so therefore it was no chock that this new collection above the Capsule collection 13/14 would be too! I love it, the cuts, the colour! ( You know how much I love black!) the style, everything, just great! And the video too, wow! One of the best fashion videos I’ve seen!

After Indie magazine listed her as one of the finest freshest upcoming london designers out there, and having Lady Gaga wearing her garments, this girl is really one to be looking out for! I recommend you to check out her website HERE! Where you can see more of her great work!

Well done Agatha!



The inspo board atm!

It’s super sunny outside today! woho! Also my great friends in the british band Molly’s Lipps has realeased a new song, that I’ve been playing all morning!! So good, You can listen to it HERE!  If you’re around in London, you should definitely head down to Barfly in Camden on the 11th of April at 8.3o where they will be having they’re EP launch!  THIS is their website where you can get some more info!

Now I’m gonna head out to the sun! :) xx



Top left: Giles, Anthony Vaccarello, Gianfranco Ferre, underneath from the left: Valentino, Elie Saab, Valentino

Here’s some of my fave dresses from fashion week! Many of them are dark black ones, but you know me,I love that! Think the two valentino dresses are super cute, would edge them up though with a leather jacket! hot hot! And the Giles and Saab dresses, are so elegant!

Do you have a fave of the above ones? ;)