Coat: Whistles, top: Acne, Leather trousers: Nowhere, heels: H&M, necklaces: Dolce & Gabbana and vintage

All black today, well kinda, my Acne top is a bit greyish. Anyways, wowza a sudden tiredness just hit me! Think a bath is next on the agenda, and then just relax. Also think I might getting a bit ill, OH nooo! Now thinking about it, you guys prob think I’m a hypochondriac considering all the recent times I’ve written that sentence, BUT it’s cause I have these one offs days when my body is just going down hill, then the next day i’m completley fine again! My theory is that it’s because I drink SO much ginger tea all the time, so my immune system is so ON IT! (Said it before, and will again, i’m a ginger believer, gingbeiver u can say) Anyhow, Ain’t no bacterias coming close to THIS BODY! I’m working against them!!  (Don’t think I’m cray, I’m really not)!

Also right now I’m reuniting with good old fave bands like Kiss and Europe, (Don’t you DARE judge me!!)  xx