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photo (38)Kristen McMenamy is rocking the Saint Laurent Autumn/Winter 2013-14 collection in the Fall/Winter 2013-14 issue of Zoo Magazine!

Loving it!

RocknRolla style for real!



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Hello again! Had quite the nice Sunday today, started off with having lunch with one of my best friend’s who was in town only for the weekend, she recently moved to Gothenburg, so it was real nice to see her again and do a proper catch up! Then I went over to my sister’s place, we made cheesecake! I’ve never made cheesecake before, turns out it’s quite easy, the cake turned out alright, but we really wanted it to be more creamy, and not as thick as it turned out to be, oh well, guess we just have to try out some different recipes to find that perfect cheesecake! Hey if any of you guys have a good recipe, let me know!! :)

Moving on from the baking, had to post this gorgeous editorial from the new Rika Magazine #9 Fall/Winter 2013-14 issue, really love the styling and the simplicity of this shoot! It’s photographed by Annemarieke van Drimmelen!

Do you like this editorial? thoughts? :)





In the Numéro China #32 September 2013 issue we can find this amazing editorial! The model is Jasmine Feng, and she is looking stunning, love her look! And she’s being photographed here by Yin Chao.

The styling is awesome, don’t even get me started about the locations, WOW! so good! Real beautiful! Isn’t it?





The women that are dominating the fashion world are gathered in this amazing editorial from the september 2013 issue of Interview Magazine!

These are just a few of the pics from the editorial, there’s more topmodels in it! like Anja Rubik and Lara Stone and many more! Here we got some of the legends , Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell & Linda Evangelista, looking gorgeous as always!

The editorial is photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot, and they’ve sure done a great job! Don’t you agree?


Love the styling in this editorial from the Vogue Russia August issue, rock and grunge combined with some classic pieces, perfect mix! Do you like? :)

I had a great day! Been chilling out :) and now I’m at my sister’s place, just ate dinner and gonna spent the night at hers and have sister time :) last time we did this I ended up fixing her nails while we watched sex and the city, proper girls night! :)

Have a great Friday everyone!! Xx

anja rubik vooguu


Anja Rubik in a gorgeous editorial from the Vogue Japan June 2013 issue! Love the whole bohemian feel of it! Don’t you?

What a great day it’s been, first I helped out my mum in our allotment, then I met up with one of my oldest friends, she’s just came home from Ghana in Africa, after a few months there, so jel of her tan! Then we went and visited my other old friend, haven’t met her in like 1 or 2 years! Been ages, last time was when she visited in London, when I was there, so we sat down and had some catching up time :), now I need to get ready, me, mum and my sister are going out for a fancy schmancy meal together later on, girls night!

Think the heels might come on tonight, oh yeah!



Now, I’m back on track with the blog as usual, I’ve tried to update as much as I could this past week, but having my boyfriend over from London, I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible :) But we took some fun oufit pics and other things, will show you some pics later :)

And how gorgeous isn’t Anja Rubik in this editorial above? Love the styling, gorgeous! Her hair as well, wow, if I would have been a blonde, I would so cut it like this! And you know how I feel about the balenciaga rings, hot!



Hey everyone! Sorry for no update last night, we were home real late cause of the tattoo, that turned out great!! took loads of pics, so I’ll show you once I’ve sort them out! The man is really pleased!!

Really like this editorial from Elle! great pics don’t you think?

Gonna eat now, and later me and my boyfriend are gonna head into town hoping for the sun to shine today again as it’s done the other days! xx