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Lovely & summery editorial from Grazia Magazine!

Don’t you just wanna jump in your Levi’s shorts and head to Barcelona or something when you see this editorial?!? I sure do!






adiiidaaiiir IMG_8747

Photographer: Michael Jones

Dress: topshop, track jacket: adidas, shoes: creepers underground, sunnies: topshop, bracelet: it’s really a necklace, from h&m. necklace: åhléns, rings: h&m

Some pics we took when my boyfriend was here visiting :) like?

Today I’ve had a quite chilled out day, went to my sister’s place and had some nice dinner and a chocolate cheesecake she’s made, yum! :) We also made a quick little roadtrip to the beach, but it was freezing, so we left after like 10 min.. , it was real pretty there though!

P.s I’m right now listening to old tunes by eminem, random yes! ha




I love these looks, especially the one in the top midde, that dress wow! Also the all black look down left, with that hair, that top , nice!! Also love how casual cool the girl on the top left looks, such simple items, but is the way she’s pulling em off that makes the look!

Do you have a fave of the above ? :)

I’ve had a great day so far, family came over for some brunch, real nice and cosy! Gonna head out soon! clothes wise today, I’m in a bling bling, streetwear kinda mood ! Will show u later! xx

base nyyaste


bas nyyyy

Leather trousers: Nowhere, tee: Topshop, Bomber jacket: Gina tricot, gloves : Tiger of sweden, shoes: Choies.com, Sunnies: Topshop

Got this tee and sunnies from Topshop in Prague :) especially loving the sunnies!

I just had pizza while watching new girl and girls, (yes, been a bit too much pizza for me lately, but whatever, I was in the mood for it!) Before picking up my pizza, which is basically just around my building, nerdy as I am I’d prepared a little joke about the pizza I was getting that I thought was pretty cleaver, so I went in, dropped my joke for the pizza guy, and it was a failiure, he just looked at me, didn’t even give me a smile, awkward moment haha! dammit! they have to like me in there, it’s my pizza place, and it was funny!!!

 Also might watch Beyonce life is but a dream tonight, have been quite excited about this documentary, so I hope it’s good! :)