Last night when I checked my fave blogs, one of them which is stylesnooperdan had written a post about the fashionable russians, you can read it HERE!  The russian fashionistas feels so hot right now, with they’re outstanding outfits they’re taking over the fashion world one step at a time! And one of these ladies is the very fashionable model Elena Perminova, after seeing a pic of her, I got reminded of how cool this girl really is, so I just HAD to make a post about her amazing sense of style!

Now which of  her outfits is your fave?

I think she’s super cool in the metallic burberry coat!, also her working the white fur, also in the  Mary Katrantzou dress, I really love them all!



Woho me and my sister just booked a trip to Prague 4 nights, staying at this 5 star hotel in the center of the city! The hotel seems lush, has a spa, casino and a roofterrace, it’s ON! we’re just gonna relax, have nice dinners and do some shopping! A proper girl trip :)  It’s gonna be great! Haven’t been ouside sweden or england for a while now, so it’s definetely time to get back out there! My sister has never been to Prague before, I have, and I loved it, such a beautiful city, so gonna be exciting to see it again!

Have any of you been to prague? :) anything we have to see? xx



Hiyaa dear readers! :) Love these two streetstyle pics, think small details makes so much to the whole look! those socks are wicked!!

 Now back to reality, so it is my dad’s birthday today. so we had full house going on over here! lots of great food and company!! woho!

Second, I don’t know why I keep getting comments that I can’t reply to, it’s almost like there’s a duplicate of all of my posts, cause I keep getting comments on posts that are not really exsisting, like say this post now it’s called ” get closer” some people can comment on this, but then some can comment on the same post but it will be called just “closer” which is what I’ve named the pic on my computer, and this is not the post that appears on my blog, do you get me at all?

So the comments that I get on the “fake” post if I can call them that, no one else can see them, (cause that post doesn’t really exsist) I can see them, and only way for me to reply to them will be to go on to my dashboard, and see the comments there, not like normal comments where the “reply” suggestion will come up, this is weird, and it’s bugging me, cause I’m not sure if those people get my replies, does anyone else have this problem? x

So if I haven’t answered you it’s prob because of this, so you know!