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Blazer: gina tricot, jeans: cheap monday, top: acne, shoes: nilsons, bag: hermés, sunnies: brick lane

All black, like?

Me and the man had some lunch in town today, real nice! and now we’re cooking up a home made pizza, yummy, gonna eat it while watching the voice uk, yees!!


mm denim

mmm IMG_8009

mmmm IMG_8031

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Denim jacket, Levi’s vest, vintage Doc Martens: Rokit Vintage, jeans: gina tricot, sunnies: topshop

Wore my new dark blue jeans today, that I got yesterday from my brother’s wife, woho love em, been needing a blue pair! So I did a denim on denim today, and put on my DM’s cause I haven’t worn them in a while, so it was time!

I’m so tired right now (feels like I always write that here?!), didn’t get enough sleep last night, said I would go to bed earlier, but obviously I couldn’t really stick to that promise… (if there would be something called the “stay up late addiction” then I would be an addict.. I just can’t seem to go to bed in time!! Hi my name is Marija and I’m a “stay up late” addict, Hi Marija!) I  did go to bed a tiny bit earlier then usual though! But, just layed there and couldn’t fall asleep for hours, which is the worst! So if I wanna survive tomorrow, I need to get myself a proper sleep tonight! xx

air mirrors

aiir IMG_7867

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Bomber jacket: gina tricot, vest and necklace: h&m

Just came home from my brother’s place, where we had some nice food, and a lush dessert, mm!! it’s been a great day! Now, I’m pretty tired, gonna watch something, and then go to bed, going back to my brother’s place early tomorrow morning again u see, but this time with the sis, some sister and brother quality time! always a win win ! So I need to make sure to go to bed fairly early tonight, cause I’m not fun to be around if I haven’t had enough sleep I’m telling you! Also got some great cheap monday jeans from my brother’s wife today, her old pairs, so great, been needing new jeans! wohoo!




red 3IMG_7688

Blazer: gina tricot, jeans: cheap monday, heels & necklace: h&m, tank: bikbok, sunnies: vintage ray-bans, bag: hermés, gloves: tiger of sweden

Took me ages to upload these pics, I have a full media library again… so I really need to buy some more space, might do ít tomorrow! Now I’m gonna continue to watch Alan carr! and just chill :) xx


Top row from left: dress:, leather jacket: gina tricot, chanel nude lipstick, backpack:, underneath from left: DM’s, Acne shoes, sunnies:, pink rouge from topshop

Summer is getting closer and closer, and I can’t wait!! This is one of my summer dream outfit, Would also be a perfect festival look. add a pair of Hunter wellies, and ur ready for the festival mud!

Now, I’m not much for dresses and skirts, but would love to have a cute little floral dress, and wear it with my oversized leather jacket, a bit grungy, like like!




Bomber jacket: gina tricot, necklace: vintage, sunnies: topshop, gold/silver ring: bvlgari, silver rings: gina tricot, hawaii

So went out today and took some pics, came h0me and noticed that all of the full body shots turned out really bad, basically I had the night before changed the focus in the camera, so it would focus in the top bit of the pictures, therefore all the pics turned out with my face all blurred and the background behind me and above my head in focus, annoying!! ha, but the close ups turned out good, so here they are!

Also I’m gonna pretend to be one of the cool kids and join twitter now! woop woop check me out being all hightech!



bluue IMG_5472


bluii IMG_5464




bluee IMG_5470

Jeans: Cheap Monday, Vest: unknown, bomber jacket: gina tricot, shoes: creepers underground, necklace: vintage, bracelet: thomas sabo, sunnies: topshop

Went for a very dark look the other day! With dark red lips, which I use to wear a lot before, but not so much anymore, but it’s fun to change it up sometimes!

Now have a great saturday evening everyone! xx :)




Trousers, blazer, scarf: gina tricot, blouse: unknown, shoes: h&m, bag: hermés, sunnies: vintage ray bans, gloves: tiger of sweden

Oh my! Taken me ages to make this post! First when I finished doing the pictures, before saving them, my computer shut down, typical! So had to redo them all, then wordpress was having a go, ahh! been sitting with this for hours! Anyhow, had a great day today! Been at my brother’s place chilling out also went out for some nice thai food, And again sunny day ! :)

Now time to get my hair done! xx