La Mamounia




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Hiya! Sorry for slow updates lately, flew to London on Monday, and since then I’ve been a bit of a busy bird! Anyways, thought I’d share with you another outfit from Morocco, me and my sister went to visit the luxury hotel, La Mamounia, where some parts of sex and the city 2 were filmed, so it was cool to check it out!

Gosh now I’m super hungry! I have prepared jerk chicken for me and my man to dine tonight, we’ve never had it before, but by the sounds of it, it seems lush! Have a lovely evening you all, todels! xx



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i-D Magazine has here recreated our fave cover winks! Who doesn’t love a good wink ey! I sure do! Especially love the
ending with Miss Cara Delevingne!

It’s a brilliant fun film, take a look! ;)


Hello hello :) What better way to start the day then with watching this cute little film made by Karl Lagerfeld himself starring Kiera Knightley as Coco Chanel!

The short film takes place in the french seaside town of Deauville the year is 1913 and it’s where and when Coco Chanel started up her own store!  You should check it out!

The black cape video!




Video made by Michael Jones

My boyfriend works for TV so he loves filming and such, so last time he came for a visit, he brought his camera, and filmed loads! And this is the final result ! :D Hope you like it! xx

 P.s Loads of videos lately, how do you feel about them, you like? Are they fun to watch? Should I /we make more?  :)