fashion model

1992 Cindy Crawford


Having a bit of a Cindy moment!

How hot isn’t she in this photograph taken by Michel Comte for Vanity Fair April 1992? Gorgeous! Also, the photo is brilliant, a total wow factor all over!
You agree?

Yesterday, I had quite the chilled out day, was dreadful weather outside, so foggy, dark and cold all day, so gladly stayed indoors and sorted out some blog stuff.

And In the evening I wrote THIS for the brilliant The Fashionography

Btw, watch that episode of Seinfeld yesterday when Elaine freaks out about exclamation points, so now I can’t help myself to nerd about if I do too many exclamation points when I write here, think I am abusing the exclamation points…but I do love em and NOBODY CAN STOP ME DOING THEM!!!! well well just a little fun fact I wanted to share with u all, let’s move on..