elena perminova


You know how they say that you shouldn’t bring your work home with you, well here’s a few of my fave girls that gladly skipped that rule! Freja Beha, Anja Rubik, Erin Wasson, Karolina Kurkova, Elena Perminova and let’s not forget the eternal style icon Kate Moss, it’s just a few of the top models who has a fabolous sense of style!

Not sure how you feel, but when I see a gorgeous looking model,  I just get so disappointed when I see that they can’t dress at all, (which is really a weird way of thinking cause just because they’re models and work in fashion doesn’t mean that they have to dress nicely outside work) but in a weird way you kinda assume that they should, just because you’re so used of seeing them all styled up.

Therefore I think it’s so fun to see the top models who just lives for fashion! Don’t you? :) Which outfit is your fave? I’m so in love with Erin’s outfit, the one in the red blazer, wow!!

Now back to my exciting life.. ha, no but I have to tell you how I woke up this morning, it wasn’t pleasant at all! Had a horrible nightmare where I went through house after house, and they were all haunted, so I kept seeing these ghosts everywhere, and I was terrified, in the middle of this dream, my freaking phone rings next to my ear!

Which just terrified me even more! I jump out of bed, heart beating super fast, shiat felt like I had a mini heartattack ! Answered the phone , and it was my boyfriend, he was like “u aright?” and I was outta breath, took me like 10 min to calm myself down after that little incident. Didn’t dare to go back to sleep, too afraid to end up in that dream again! :( damn u ghosts!

Hey I have some fun outfit pics comin up here ;) so stay tuned! xx



It’s the 30th of April today, which means that most of the youngsters in sweden will be getting pretty drunk today from an early hour! It’s cause it’s a special holiday! I was invited to a “wine breakfast” that started at 9 this morning, at my friends place, two of my girlfriends are down from stockholm, so we’re having quite the reunion going on! On a day like this, you really wanna go and have a few beers in the park,(we’re pretty much the entire city will be sitting), kinda depends on the weather when we will go to the park! hoping for a lot of sunshine!


I love all of these outifts! how cool isn’t Anna Dello Russo’s hat??!

Would love to have the red leather trousers outfit, love that whole combo!

Now, I’ve been trying for hours to figure out how to add a new code to my blog, can’t figure it out (I’m not a computer person ..), I know how to add a link, but this is a code, so it’s different, therefore the link widget won’t accept it cause it’s a code, help anyone? xx




Last night when I checked my fave blogs, one of them which is stylesnooperdan had written a post about the fashionable russians, you can read it HERE!  The russian fashionistas feels so hot right now, with they’re outstanding outfits they’re taking over the fashion world one step at a time! And one of these ladies is the very fashionable model Elena Perminova, after seeing a pic of her, I got reminded of how cool this girl really is, so I just HAD to make a post about her amazing sense of style!

Now which of  her outfits is your fave?

I think she’s super cool in the metallic burberry coat!, also her working the white fur, also in the  Mary Katrantzou dress, I really love them all!