Camden night market









What an amazing midsummer I had! Great people, great food and great weather! Win win!! Hope the rest of you out there that also celebrated midsummer had a real nice day too! :)

Let me get started off with the food, we all brought something to the table, and
Oh my! There was everything that you could imagine! Baked bread, salmon, potatoes, tzatziki, grilled food, and much more! A real success!

And then for dessert there was an amazing pie and an outstanding French chocolate cake, all served with cream and strawberries of course ;) then we had nice drinks, played great music and chatted away all night! We also played a real fun game towards the end of the night! It couldn’t get any better!

It was quite a while ago I celebrated midsummer in this proper way, so it was real fun to be able to do it this year! :)

I can also point out that I made my first flower wreath yesterday! But it turned out massive!
Haha, it looked like I was wearing a flower hat or something! In the beginning it was alright, we’ll at least people convinced me it was! Haha, but then after an hour or so, when it started to break apart a bit and just fell lower and lower down my head, it looked like I was poking my head out of a bush! Haha oh my, looked so funny!
I then got to borrow my friend’s one which was a lot more appropriate! She got two of her own so it all worked out! Xx