CHANEL pre autumn/winter 2014/15


Karl Lagerfeld showed off a very cowboyish collection in Dallas the other day!

Loved seeing Chanel leaving their pearls and tweed behind and went for something completely different this time around without losing their classic Chanel signature, the clothes are extraordinary and loved that Karl chose Dallas to act as the perfect location!

Another happy surprise was spotting model Erin Wasson walking the Chanel catwalk, she is one of my favourite models but lately I haven’t seen her as much on the famous catwalks, and barely in any editorials, so I’m real glad to see her striking face again! Fashion has missed her!

What do you think of this collection? Like it dislike? Xx

Ps just got my hair done, woho!! My dipdye looks so much better! Added some highlights and colour to create a more natural look, like!

Right now I’m at a super cosy cafe having a cup of tea while listening to their Xmas music :)


Jacket: rokit vintage, vest: topshop, trousers: gina tricot, shoes:, belt: tiger of sweden.

My tassle jacket is back home too! wooho! missed this one loads!  And I’m so happy that I feel the love to my Tiger belt again, think it looked wicked with these trousers!

Oh my it feels like I’m gonna fall asleep any second now, it’s that damn food coma! still suffering..