Christian Dior A/W 2014/15 couture



It’s Paris couture week and the runways are filled with extravagant designs. Here’s a few of my fave looks from the Christian Dior show, adore the coats and the minimalistic approach! Amazing!





Tuesday fashion inspiration!
Love the photo of the girl on the bike! And her outfit too! :)

What a great day it’s been so far! Been out on a little car ride trip with my friend and we went to two harbours, chilling out in the sun, eating ice cream and listening to lana’s ride while driving :) oh yeah! Had a lovely smoothie earlier on too! mm! with mango and such, win win!

Now I’m back home and expecting my sister and my nephew to come over for dinner :) My dad has cooked a nice meal for us all! And I’m hoping that my nephew will bring a lush dessert ;)


Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen 27 year old twins, who have not only had an amazing acting career since being just 6 months old!
They’ve also made a huge mark on the fashion scene, with their outstanding looks they’ve proved to everyone that they’re style icons you can count on!

Their knowledge and confidence in fashion has turned out into a couture brand called The Row which their launched in 2007 and has since been a great success!

I’m a huge fan of the twins sense of style and their fashion label The Row, they’ve been a huge fashion inspiration to me for a very long time! What do you think of the twins? :)