Gorgeous editorial from the Elle Brazil July 2013 issue! The model is Carolina Thaler, and she’s photographed by Eduardo Rezende! One of the best editorials I’ve seen in a while!

Sorry for the very late update today! Stayed at my sister’s place last night, no battery on the phone which lead to not being able to update!

Now I’m back home after another day of laying on the beach :) nice and relaxing! Tonight I’m gonna watch the latest episodes of the apprentice uk, missed two episodes I believe!



On our way to my cousin’s tattoo studio cause my boyfriend is getting tattoed, He already has some real cool tattoes, and this new one is gonna be a wicked! I’m bringing my camera with me so I can take some pics!

I adore tattoes on guys, love it, the more the better almost! What do you think?


Woho some fun shoes!! My faves are the one on the top left, the balenciaga ones, damn they’re nice! Think the blue fluffy ones are well cool too! But just cause they’re styled on the pic with a cool pair of trousers,that makes it work, but I would have disliked them if I would have seen em in a shop. Would have though they look very tacky, but here on this pic they look exclusive and chic don’t you think?!

Which ones do you like? :)

I just got home from a lovely lunch with my friend, had a great time! On the way back I got myself a raspberry macaron ohh yeah (couldn’t help myself) and then I picked up my haircolour , so now it’s happening! This time I’m gonna go a bit cray, quite experimental! Wish me luck! This can go really wrong, ahh!



Had to post this editorial from The journal with my fave model Cara Delevingne! First when I saw the pics, I didn’t really fancy them, but then after a while I really like em, like how they’re look so “normal” like not very edited, looks like someone taking them with a normal camera, and they’re quite grainy too. Random cool outfits, in random places, like that idea!

What do you think?



I’m having another girl crush, and it’s on Victoria’s secret model Candice Swanepoel, she’s got that perfect combo of being cute and hot at the same time, and I ADORE this ELLE editorial she’s in, from the Elle brazil september 2012 issue, the styling is amazing!

Who’s with me?!?



Three cool looks for you’ll! hot or not? I think the girl in the blue blazer reminds me a bit of gaga? don’t you think?

Just came home after another day x mas shopping, my arms are killing me after carrying around all the shopping bags! So now time for some food, and chilling out!