606 Nude


Bought this new nude nail polish the other week, and I’m loving it! It’s the Isadora’s 606 Nude, wonder nail.

And I have to say that the Isadora nail polishes I’ve tried have been so good, quite impressive, makes the perfect coat and the brush is great! Recommend! So easy to apply and looks amazing! Also the this colour is lovely, gives a clean look! Like!





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How cool isn’t Emily Shephard’s tattoes on her arms on the first pic! Chanel, and YSL! Love it! Especially like the style of her tattoes, and that their in colour, think all over arm tattoes often look better in colour, well, it’s a taste thing I guess! If you have just a few tattoes like Freja Beha and Erin Wasson, on the second pic, I think it’s nice with black tattoes! love their tattoes, I’ve made a post once before about their tattoes, think their gorgeous! especially that font that Freja has chosen her word “Float” to be in, so nice!

Then we have those random funny tattoes, like Kel Markey’s mouth one! Pretty hidden! Must really hurt to get tattoed there? Or? what do you think? Also Dani Haye’s tattoo “Shame” on her finger, according to she and her friend got tattoes after wathing RuPauls Drag Race, her friend got the word “Fierce” and she got “Shame” so if they saw a wicked outfit when they were out, the friend would go up to the person and say “Fierce” and showing the finger off, haha, and “Shame” to those who didn’t succeed I guess… pretty harsh! ha!

I love tattoes! On guys, the more the better! I don’t have any tattoes myself, I’ve thought about it quite a bit, sometimes I get these wicked ideas, for a few tiny ones, but then I think I’m one of those people that will regret it after a year or so… So don’t know if that’s my thing. But love looking at others! My boyfriend got a gorgeous one last time he came over, a ship carried by an airballoon, with the Rolling Stones lyrics “Gimme Shelter” written on the ship, made by my cousin, I love it, especially glad how I convinced him what colours the balloon should be in! ;) hehe, the power of the girlfriend ey! Looks great!

What do you think of tattoes? You got any?

Now my sis and my nephew are coming over for dinner! Yum yum! todels! xx

wild liten

wiiillddd new

willdd liteeen

willds newww

 Gorgeous editorial from the W Magazine September 2013 issue, the models, Magdalena Frackowiak and Edita Vilkeviciute are photographed here by Lachlan Bailey.

I love the styling, the roughness, the colours, everything! hot hot hot! What do you think? :)

So today I’m going to the gym!! yep you read correctly! I’m am going to the gym, prob the first time ever, watch out everyone!! Mia schwarzenegger coming at you!! I’ll update you later on, if I survived or not! stay tuned!



Went passed Make up store the other day, and thought I’d go in and have a look at their lipsticks, we’re in the mood for a fun colour, I first looked at the orange /coral ones, think that lipstick colour is lush for summer time, but orange is not really my colour, so instead I went for a hot pink colour, Mandy it’s called, and I love it! Feel a bit like a walking candy land though with my pink lips and purple hair, ha!

Today’s plan is to first play super loud music, and have a bit of a dance in the livingroom, then take out the trash (exciting yes!) then I’m meeting up with my mum in our allotment, we’ve been renovating it, so there’s a few things to be done!


tattoo 4 IMG_8264

tatoo 2IMG_8296


Here’s some pics from when my cousin Bobby tattoed my boyfriend the other day, a ship attached to an air balloon with the Rolling Stones song title “Gimme Shelter” written on it. My cousin is one of the best tattoo artists in Sweden, so my boyfriend obviously wanted a bit of that talent on his arm! It was so nice and chilled out when we got to the studio, we sat down, he drew the tattoo, and we could listen to our fave music loud while we were there! We had such a great time! Great to catch up with my cousin too, he’s such a cool and fun guy, love him!

What do you think of the tattoo? :) My boyfriend couldn’t be happier, he’s so in love with it! We all are! I think it’s well cool! (pstt, the pic is taken right when it’s done, so it’s obiously a bit red and swollen at the time, now when it’s healed it looks even better!)

 You can check out my cousin’s tattoo website HERE! :)




Above from left: Tank Joseph, Balmain, Weekday, underneath: Diane Von Furstenberg belt, Weekday, weekday

What an metallic mania it is right now! It’s everywhere!

You like?

Check out this little mini silver outift from Weekday, looks a bit like a 60’s outfit don’t u think?

So yesterday and today I’ve had problems uploading pictures, and didn’t understand why, thought that wordpress was just having a go, but now I’ve noticed that I’ve reached my maximum upload limit :( so I had to delete loads of old stuff, and I don’t have time to sit around and do that now, have loads to do! So it’s a bit annoying… well well. Guess I will have to continue doing it after dinner too! xx

Hope you’re having a nice saturday!! xx



How amazing isn’t this editorial from Vogue brazil the february issue?!?! I adore it!

Ah, I’m super fed up now, been dying my hair constantly since 3 o clock today, and now I just put in the final colour, and I think I messed up, don’t think the color will be very visiable.. we’ll see,I’m very much sceptical though.. Might need to buy another darker colour online ahh annoying..!


pink haiir

If I would have had another skintone, I would have loved to have pastel pink hair, so lush! I’m a bit fed up with my own hair at the moment, don’t really know what to do with it, might see if I can dye my blond bits, in this pastel colour, just for fun, and then later on might dye my hair darker, we’ll see!!

Now, it’s snowing like hell outside, and I’m wondering how I’m gonna manage to get out there!