FFFphoto (20)

fphoto (20)

Pics: Tommy ton,

During fashion week, the great thing is, that not only do you see all the fashion on the runway, you also get to see all the amazing fashion on the streets! Thank god for street style photographers ey! Tommy Ton is one of those brilliant streetstyle photographers, he captures fashion so very well!

 Already seen Tiffany Hsu wearing two of those amazing Givenchy sweatshirts, she’s wearing one of them on the top right, oh LOVE em! Jealous, yes! Also how cool isn’t the lady in the grey coat with those wicked black heels, wow!, statement shoes for real! 

What outfits do you like from the above? I pretty much love em all!

So what’s happening today, well now I’m at my friend’s place Clara, we’re here with our friend Sara, who’s down from Stockholm, she’s only gonna be here for the weekend I believe, so it’s real fun seeing her today! And later, well I don’t know, not any specific plans! Have a party to attend on saturday evening, so prob just gonna chill tonight :)

Hope you all are having a nice friday! xx





Bracelet: Mulberry, shorts: Stadium, Top: Topshop, Iphone cover: Marc by Marc Jacobs, bra: Stella McCartney


One can not help to be a material girl, am I right or what? Here’s a few of my likes! Loving these mesh shorts from Stadium! But let’s not buy anymore sportgear, at least not yet, considering last time I went big in that shopping area, I only ended up wearing it like 5 times..

All though let me remind you that I’m making a comeback on the training scene at the moment! Actually going to the gym later on today! Oh yeah you heard me alright! Suffered from some extreme muscle pains that lasted like three days after my first gym appearance which was last thursday, aouch I say! But then again that proves that I did go big!

And there’s no stopping me now!  Now thinking about it, me starting to work it, while trying to quit biting my nails, two massive changes in my life, will I make it all the way WILL I?!? We can all agree on that this journey is not gonna get pretty, sweat and tears my friends, sweat and tears.

Now I felt I got a bit carried away with the gym story, let’s start focusing on the items above shall we!  So I already have the dog Iphone case by Marc by Marc Jacobs, but now I wouldn’t mind getting him a little zebra friend! Isn’t he cute! Also Topshop has some great stuff in at the moment, real nice tops especially, found a few that I really like, and this is just one of them! White, simple, clean, big like!

And let’s not forget about the gorgoues Mulberry bracelet, hot! And the Stella bra, love the yellow, think it’s well cool!

Now I’m off to the doctor’s todels! :) I’ll see you later! xx


Trousers: h&m, blazer: gina tricot (old), tops: topshop

My whiter faves in my wardrobe at the moment :) would like to add my new white top from h&m trend to this, but haven’t taken a photo of it yet, but it’s definitely a big fave of mine!

Been probably the warmest day yet here today! So nice, so went to the beach with my two ladies :), I got a bit burned today… Ouch! But it wasn’t too bad!

Also got myself some new sandals! Will show you them as soon as I can! Have a great night everyone! Xx




Top row from left:  Saint Laurent bracelet, top: ragged priest, Saint Laurent belt Underneath from left: Bomber sleeveless jacket: Alexander McQueen, shoes:, Bomber/baseball jacket: ragged priest

Want these items!!  especially the mcqueen, ragged priest stuff and shoes! Need those shoes so bad for summer! Will let my boyfriend know about the ragged priest things, cause my b day is coming up ;) ha!

Sorry for a late update today, had a stressfull morning, and didn’t have time to blog before I left to go shopping with a friend of mine, I got myself some real nice stuff, show you tomorrow!




I love these looks, especially the one in the top midde, that dress wow! Also the all black look down left, with that hair, that top , nice!! Also love how casual cool the girl on the top left looks, such simple items, but is the way she’s pulling em off that makes the look!

Do you have a fave of the above ? :)

I’ve had a great day so far, family came over for some brunch, real nice and cosy! Gonna head out soon! clothes wise today, I’m in a bling bling, streetwear kinda mood ! Will show u later! xx

sneak peek!


clothes 2IMG_4924


I’m back in my home sweet home now! Arrived home last night after an amazing week in Prague with my sister! And I obviously did some shopping :) Here’s a little sneak peek! A lot of black and white ey ;) Also have loads to show you from Prague, outfit pics, more of these items and much much more! So stay tuned ;) xx