close ups


HAIR HAIR and more HAIR!

It’s not only the clothes we’re excited to see on the runway, even though that’s the main thing, we shall not forget about the hair and beauty trend that goes with it! And this year there’s something for everyone!

Marc Jacobs showed a very 60’s hairdo, whilst Phillip Lim and Saint Laurent went for the more grungy look with messy hair! (A style that I’m a big fan of, considering I never really brush my hair… Moving on!)

Anthony Vaccarello went for messy hair too but in a messy up do instead, and then we can see that the back slick is still going strong this year, by Balmain who decided to style their models that way!

A nice back slick is so hot! Would love to have it, but having a fringe makes it real complicated..

Anyways, I’m off to my sister’s place now, gonna meet my cousin and his family and then I’m heading into town to have dinner with my friend :) yum yum!

Also have some fun pics coming up







Photos: Clara Olsson, Edit: me

Mesh top: h&m, blazer: gina tricot, shorts: Bik bok, sunnies: h&m , shoes: din sko, bag: hermès, bracelet: vintage, ring: weekday

All black!

Now it’s cosy Friday time :) xx


I’m so jealous of my boyfriend, not only did he see the Rolling Stones live in Hyde park two weeks ago, he then saw them again last Saturday!! And also Jake Bugg who I also love!! Really wish I was there!

Did any of u guys go to any concerts in Hyde park? :)




Bomber jacket: gina tricot, necklace: vintage, sunnies: topshop, gold/silver ring: bvlgari, silver rings: gina tricot, hawaii

So went out today and took some pics, came h0me and noticed that all of the full body shots turned out really bad, basically I had the night before changed the focus in the camera, so it would focus in the top bit of the pictures, therefore all the pics turned out with my face all blurred and the background behind me and above my head in focus, annoying!! ha, but the close ups turned out good, so here they are!

Also I’m gonna pretend to be one of the cool kids and join twitter now! woop woop check me out being all hightech!