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Some interior inspo, love it!

Today I did this summer’s first tanning shift = been laying in the sunshine all day with some friends, and yes I did burn myself! Aouch.. now I’m in a jumper, trousers and a thick dressing gown, freezing cause of all the heat I received earlier, also super tired, so will be an early night for moi! xx

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morning ny

Morning everyone! 

I’m probably sleeping right now, (I am of those who adore sleeping, can sleep anytime anywhere, and for veeeeeeery long! now thinking about it, is this something I should add to my CV?)

Moving on! I believe most of you are up earlier then I am, or maybe you had a crazy one last night, and therefore having a major lay in today? Either way, I thought I’d prepare and share a morning pic for you people that are up, and enjoying the morning, for those who might have had a quiet one last night, or went big, but do function with barely any sleep, this is for you people!

I am wishing you a lush morning! And a lovely day! And I’ll see you in a few, when I’ve got that beauty sleep of mine!  Really hope I didn’t have any nightmares, did watch Taken for the first time last night… risky RISKY that is. I’ll update you about this matter later on! stay tuned for the very exciting news! 


black whi

One of the trends going on right now is the “white and black trend” A very minimalistic and clean trend, which I really like! Here’s three great outfits using only white & black! It’s a nice simple look to pull off, you don’t need to complicate it for yourself, put on a white shirt and a pair of leather trousers, not only have you then pulled of this trend but also the “mixing rough with something soft” trend! So two in one! Win win!

How do you feel about this trend, like? not like? :)

Now I’m gonna go and have lunch with one of my friends in town, todels! xx :)