Above from left: Leather shorts:, pink rouge: Topshop, Acne shoes, underneath from left: Givenchy tee, Chanel lipstick, leather tee: topshop

A few things that are on the top of my wishlist atm! Quite into pink makeup lately, think it’s very springy and cute! Also found this leather tee from Topshop, want want want! A pair of leather shorts for summer, NEED! A givenchy look alike tee, a baggy one! And check out this Acne show, how cool aren’t they?!? Pretty cool!

P.s. just realised that it’s already 7 o clock! Oh my, time is running fast today!, Also went out to pick up my new hairdye, I always order from THIS swedish website, think they’re good, you get the products in 2 or 3 days! Since I started dying my hair purple I’ve used Crazy Color, but noticed that it doesn’t last long at all! I have to redye it every week! So I googled it, and read that the brand “Directions” is supposed to be better, therefore I ordered two of the  violet color, Directions, and thank god I ordered two, cause they’re tiny!!! Super small! 80ml, I think it’s in one, in crazy color there was at least 100 ml in a bottle, So I hope this brand is better now and more long lasting, cause it was like 18 pounds for those two tiny ones… but I always mix it with conditioner so it lasts longer, also a great thing if you want a lighter colour ;) ! xx



I came home like an hour ago, had some food with my friend in town, and we had a wicked time! now, last night I noticed that my dear friends ben & jerry has moved into my freezer, so I might spend some time with them later! ohh yeah!

And hey, don’t forget that I’m on twitter now! ;) very hightech yes!  Where you can see what my days are like, VERY interesting! ha, also I’ll write about other fashion things, + you get to enjoy my hilarious sense of humour! haha, follow me HERE!  ;) xx


ness IMG_6627

ness 3 IMG_6660

ness 2 IMG_6616

ness 3IMG_6649

Leather jacket & vest: Rokit Vintage, Leather shorts: bibok, shoes: Creepers underground, sunnies: Topshop, Necklace & rings: h&m

Got this necklace today from a friend of mine!, we switched, she got my old gold necklace, and I got hers! Very happy with this one, so therefore, I went a bit gold bling bling today as you can see! Freaking freezing wearing shorts… too early, it’s too early!



Top row from left: tee and sunnies:, backpack: the row, second row: moschino belt, necklace from rings: balenciaga, last row: shorts: fashiolista, shoes: balenciaga, chanel nailpolish

Oh how I would love to wear this outfit! not now obviously, cause the winter over here doesn’t seem to be in a hurry…take ur time winter, just TAKE UR TIME..  but in the summer! oh yeah! Check out the balenciaga rings, want want want!! And a leather tee! I would obviously tuck the tee in a bit in the front, so u could see the belt!

Now enough dreaming! I need to get my hair done! xx

chanel l

Alice Dellal continues being the face of Chanel, and is here campaigning the Chanel Boy handbag spring/ summer 2013 in the stables with male model Jake Davies, The campaign has been shot by the Chanel man himself, Karl Lagerfeld.

I love these pictures and choosing the rock chick Dellal as the model, I think is very wise, cause the Chanel image doesn’t get too preppy then, nice one!




Above from left: Sophie Hulme bag, Saint Laurent shoes, Stylein blazer Underneath: H&M dress, Chanel grey nailpolish, bra from

Some stuff on my wishlist right now! Damn I’m SO desperate after that stripy dress from h&m, can’t believe it sold out so quickly! I’m still on it though, I will get it someway somehow! Also want a black satin shirt, something like the Stylein blazer, wear it a bit unbuttoned and wear it to black skinny jeans with high heels, hot hot!

Now, I started filming this morning, wanted to do another little video for you all! but after some time the battery died… so never got to finish filmning, a bit annoying, well well, also I’m freezing! super cold in my room! In need of a hot shower now! Todels!! And hey happy Valentine’s day :) ! x