Saint Laurent’s new campaign is looking stunning! Gorgeous in black & white! Don’t you think? I adore the hand/arm pic in the top middle, amazing!



As I said the other day, I really wanna get myself a new fine bikini, I just have a swimsuit right now, which I love, but you wanna have a bikini too, Wildfox has some real nice ones!

I’m a bit interested of the black bikini top, the one where it says wildfox on, but not sure how it will look on me, not sure about the cropped thing, feels like it would be good to try it on before buying it, which I won’t be able to do, hmm… will have to have a think, the other day I went through all the 77!! bikini pages on asos, but didn’t like any of them..

You have any suggestions ? or know a good website where they have lush ones? xx




How summery and lovely aren’t these pics!? These are the campaign pics of the polish brand Reserved feauturing Cara Delevingne, it’s shot it Miami, and seeing these pics I can’t wait for summer to come! Also makes me wanna go back to Miami! “South beach bringing the heat” as our man Will Smith says!

I have a problem, I’ve used up all my media space in my blog, so everytime I wanna upload something new I need to go through my old posts and delete something, which is getting really annoying! And it also creates a bit of a mess, so if you check far back in the blog, you might get a bit confused, I need to sort it out!  I also prob should buy a space upgrade.. hmm..

chanel l

Alice Dellal continues being the face of Chanel, and is here campaigning the Chanel Boy handbag spring/ summer 2013 in the stables with male model Jake Davies, The campaign has been shot by the Chanel man himself, Karl Lagerfeld.

I love these pictures and choosing the rock chick Dellal as the model, I think is very wise, cause the Chanel image doesn’t get too preppy then, nice one!




I really like the campaign for Celine spring summer 2013 collection, love that it has kinda become a trend that editorials look a bit “homemade” a bit grainy, and not so retouched, and I think that’s wicked, think the photographs look more arty and interesting that way, and not so very shiny and plastic. Read somewhere that a brand (can’t remember which one) was gonna do their entire campaign in instagram! A real cool idea I think!

Today My brother made a visit, and he brought along his almost 1 year old daughter :) super cosy! But it’s torture being ill and having such a cute little baby in the house, who you just wanna cuddle up and carry around , cause when ill I can’t go near her :( well. well, I’m getting a bit better now though, not too happy taking my medicine I got, took it last night and oh myyy, this was a disgusting one, almost like taking a shot of vodka or something …

Anyhow, another day in, need to get well before going to prague! so just gonna cosy up :) have some outfit pics to show u later! wearing what I bought yesterday! woho! xx


The swedish successfull blogger Elin Kling models for Louis Vuitton in their new campaign video!

I have a lot of respect for this girl, she’s hardworking this one! Not only does she have the most successfull swedish fashion blog, she has her own fashion magazine “Style By” and has now recently launched her collection that she collaborated with the brand Marciano, she also started the platform “Nowmanifest” where her own blog is among the other biggest fashion bloggers out there, like bryanboy, fashiontoast and Anna Dello Russo. And now model for Louis Vuitton well done Kling! There’s nothing stopping this one!