Now time to head out!

Have a great Friday night everyone! Xxx



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tank: bikbok, bomber: gina tricot, leather skirt: cubus, tights: h&m, shoes: vintage Dr Martens, gloves: tiger of sweden, cap: old, unknown

As you can see I’m pretty fond of my basket tank, As soon as I buy something new, I can’t stop wearing it! Anyhow let’s get to the point, CAN IT PLEASE STOP SNOWING ALREADY?!? Don’t think I’ve ever seen so much snow in this country! And no, there’s no polarbear’s walking around on the streets in sweden, that’s a myth!

It’s quite funny, cause whenever I’m in London and tell people that I’m from Sweden, every reaction is the same, they go “Oh sweden, oauuchh freezing country!” No, it’s not really freezing, up  north sure, but not everywhere else! It’s pretty much the same weather as in London, minus all the rain, doesn’t rain as much here. So I’m from very south of Sweden, couldn’t get any hotter then here, and to see THIS much snow, is getting a bit weird, some winters we don’t even get snow, and now it just went overboard.. I’m fed up I am!

So now I got that out of my systeme, we can now move on, the video I was telling you about yesterday, thought I’d finished it so I could show you it today, but noticed that I need to retouch it a bit, will show you it tomorrow instead :) xx



So I’ve been lurking around for some bigger black bags,haven’t seen anything I like besides this one above, which I found at the website just now! quite like it! Love the shape of it and it’s details not so sure about the brown details though.. hmm will have a think, we’ll see, this one is a bit pricy, and considering there’s a risk that I might not use it that much, I should prob buy something cheaper, I’ll keep on looking!

P.s super duper tired today! And hungry, gonna go eat now, see you laters, and I’ll upload some outfit pics!





Wrangler denim jacket, Levi’s shorts and white vest: rokit vintage, bandana: brick lane sunday up market, shoes: creepers underground, sunnies: vintage ray-bans, gold rings: h&m.

Hiyaa! My day didn’t start too good, felt that I started to get a headache just before I went to bed last night, fell asleep and then woke up twice this morning cause of my still remaining headache, took paracetamol, but wouldn’t go away.. but now it’s pretty much gone!

I haven’t done too much today, just planned to have a proper chilled out day, so, so far I have, tonight I will cosy up in front of the tv with some popcorn, ooh yeaaah! xx



shirt yye

shiirt soes


shirt & leather jacket & Dr martens shoes: rokit vintage, jeans: cheap monday, silver rings: gina tricot, big ring: weekday, gold ring: bvlgari

photographed by Michael Jones

So as I said the other day, my boyfriend brought me my suitcase from england, with my clothes in! So glad to have my Dm’s again! And my fave ring from Weekday! missed this pink shirt too! So finally I have some more clothes to fill out my wardrobe!

Now, I might watch “once upon a time”, I’m addicted! Been watching it everyday, so good!