Wow what a fun day it was yesterday! Started off with the amazing breakfast at my friends place, all of us girls were there, there was everything, cakes, scones, sallads, brie, grapes, muffins you name it! And drinks of course!  After listening to some great party music, and a few drinks later, we head down to the park, were everyone was at, omg, don’t think I’ll ever seen that many people there before! Haven’t celebrated “valborg” as it’s called in Sweden for a few years, so it seems like it gets more and more people for each year! It was like a festival, with a dj playing and all, real fun! And the weather was on our side that day, no rain, thank god!

Didn’t dare to bring my camera with me, but took some fun pics that I’ve instagrammed, Check it out, I’m called theblackcape90 :)