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You probably know by now how big of a fan I am of the makeup brand Bare Minerals, it’s quite pricy here in Sweden therefore I went a bit cray cray when I went to London, it’s like half the price over there! If I got excited!!

Been using Bare Minerals’s concealer and powder foundation for a while now and I love it! My skin is very problematic, sometimes very dry and sometimes very oily so can easily get loads of blemishes and such if I use makeup with alcohol and other weird substances, therefore I felt it was time to go all natural and go for Bare Minerals! So this time around when I did my makeup shopping I went for a rouge as well, chose this one, a pink/red one, called “The One” And me likey! Been wanting a pinkish blush for a while now, so win win!




Rings & sunnies:, pink blusher: make up store

Want more thin silver rings in fun shapes! Where are you hiding?!? Also, been thinking about getting a pink blusher, it’s one of those things that I think YES gonna buy it, then forgets it, till someone shows up looking gorgeous in pink blusher, and I think again, YES! So maybe I should keep that in mind.. + how cool aren’t these sunnies above!??

So me and my boyfriend are flying to London later on today, woho!! Couldn’t be more excited!! Gonna be so much fun to see everyone, and enjoy the city! So cause my wordpress app isn’t working, the wordpress team is still trying to sort out why it won’t work, apparently it’s many people that has the same problem… so annoyed, cause if my app would work I would be able to blog from London and update you about my days, but I won’t be able to do that now. Will have to update you about London when I come back instead, and in the meantime I’ve prepared for the blog to continue as usual, with loads of fun posts to come, outfits and such ;) !

Gonna do so much shopping in London, can’t wait!