hair tutorial




Now, I’m back on track with the blog as usual, I’ve tried to update as much as I could this past week, but having my boyfriend over from London, I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible :) But we took some fun oufit pics and other things, will show you some pics later :)

And how gorgeous isn’t Anja Rubik in this editorial above? Love the styling, gorgeous! Her hair as well, wow, if I would have been a blonde, I would so cut it like this! And you know how I feel about the balenciaga rings, hot!



Elin Kling the swedish fashionblogger (stylebykling), she always get’s it right, her style is simple which I like, it’s not very “try hard”. Thumbs up!

My mum came home today after a month in Australia, so it’s nice to see her again! So we’d had some family time over here! And she brought loads of gifts! We looked at her photos of all the beaches palm tree’s and such, so jealous, it’s been snowing here today, minus degrees!

Gonna chill out a bit now, and later this evening I’m off meeting up with some friends in town! Will upload some pics of my new Acne tee as well later on! xx



Love all these looks, especially Rihanna’s, it’s so casual but hot! oh I loved her as a blonde, sad that haircolour didn’t last for long..

Anyhow, just came home, been to a shop and had a look at some cameras, I want a nice one for x mas you see! We came up to this salesman and asked him a few things, and OH MY how he started to talk, he was well into it, very passionate about the subject! When we left the shop it felt like we’d been to a mini lecture about camera’s!