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Check out these beauties! My sister bought them in Prague, but sadly decided to exchange them the next day for another pair of shoes, anyhow, we usually have the same shoe size, so I thought “Oh perfect! I can borrow them!” but they were a bit too big, so wouldn’t been able to use em, therefore I’ve accepted the fact that she doesn’t own them anymore.

I can also admit that I was pretty tempted to buy them for myself, love that they’re in black and white, check out that heel! also that they have a bit of that sporty feel to them! but considering the amount of shopping I’ve done lately, I made the more mature decision and stayed away! Which I’m quite proud of! At least I was quick enough to get some snapshots of these beauties before they left my sight.

Now I’m gonna head out, give my dear friend a ring, whom I haven’t spoken too for ages it feels like! (really just been a week) but I miss her! So todeloo! stay tuned for outfit pics and more ;)