I really like the campaign for Celine spring summer 2013 collection, love that it has kinda become a trend that editorials look a bit “homemade” a bit grainy, and not so retouched, and I think that’s wicked, think the photographs look more arty and interesting that way, and not so very shiny and plastic. Read somewhere that a brand (can’t remember which one) was gonna do their entire campaign in instagram! A real cool idea I think!

Today My brother made a visit, and he brought along his almost 1 year old daughter :) super cosy! But it’s torture being ill and having such a cute little baby in the house, who you just wanna cuddle up and carry around , cause when ill I can’t go near her :( well. well, I’m getting a bit better now though, not too happy taking my medicine I got, took it last night and oh myyy, this was a disgusting one, almost like taking a shot of vodka or something …

Anyhow, another day in, need to get well before going to prague! so just gonna cosy up :) have some outfit pics to show u later! wearing what I bought yesterday! woho! xx

Kate Cara Chloe


Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne (my girls) and Chloe Moretz in the spring/summer Love magazine, liking this shoot, think it’s well cool!

What do you think?

Wowza just had a major nap, real long one, now I should prob clean up around here before my friend comes over.

see you later with some outfit pics! xx