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Had a lovely day, started off with having lunch with a friend of mine, who surprised me with a pair of earrings she knew I wanted! :D so sweet of her to think of me and get me for me! Couldn’t be more excited!! Gonna go and try them on now actually ;) laters! Xx

P.s how hot aren’t these outfits above! Like like like!!

pics: Stockholm streetstyle


photo (28)

pics: tommy ton, style.com

It’s fashion baby!

On today’s agenda, did some work earlier today for the Glossfashion website, that’s why I’m giving you a bit of a late update today! Have to go and get my bike, which I left at my sister’s place last night, also gotta collect some papers that I asked her to print out for me! Later on I might take a little break from my “to do list” day, and meet up with a friend of mine, we’ll see :) Other then that, it’s work, work, work today! I’m so ON IT! woop woop! watch out!


FFFphoto (20)

fphoto (20)

Pics: Tommy ton, style.com

During fashion week, the great thing is, that not only do you see all the fashion on the runway, you also get to see all the amazing fashion on the streets! Thank god for street style photographers ey! Tommy Ton is one of those brilliant streetstyle photographers, he captures fashion so very well!

 Already seen Tiffany Hsu wearing two of those amazing Givenchy sweatshirts, she’s wearing one of them on the top right, oh LOVE em! Jealous, yes! Also how cool isn’t the lady in the grey coat with those wicked black heels, wow!, statement shoes for real! 

What outfits do you like from the above? I pretty much love em all!

So what’s happening today, well now I’m at my friend’s place Clara, we’re here with our friend Sara, who’s down from Stockholm, she’s only gonna be here for the weekend I believe, so it’s real fun seeing her today! And later, well I don’t know, not any specific plans! Have a party to attend on saturday evening, so prob just gonna chill tonight :)

Hope you all are having a nice friday! xx




HAIR HAIR and more HAIR!

It’s not only the clothes we’re excited to see on the runway, even though that’s the main thing, we shall not forget about the hair and beauty trend that goes with it! And this year there’s something for everyone!

Marc Jacobs showed a very 60’s hairdo, whilst Phillip Lim and Saint Laurent went for the more grungy look with messy hair! (A style that I’m a big fan of, considering I never really brush my hair… Moving on!)

Anthony Vaccarello went for messy hair too but in a messy up do instead, and then we can see that the back slick is still going strong this year, by Balmain who decided to style their models that way!

A nice back slick is so hot! Would love to have it, but having a fringe makes it real complicated..

Anyways, I’m off to my sister’s place now, gonna meet my cousin and his family and then I’m heading into town to have dinner with my friend :) yum yum!

Also have some fun pics coming up






Shorts: Levi’s, rokit vintage, shoes: creepers underground, shirt: h&m (old) tank: bikbok, sunnies: h&m , necklaces: vintage and Dolce & gabbana

I love this red check shirt, been having it for ages, and it’s still my baby! Felt it was time to put it on ;).

Quite a late post today, sorry, just came home from painting out cottage in our allotment, u see! Funny thing about painting, it always seems quite fun when you watch someone do it on tv or something but then once you do it, you notice quite quickly that it’s not as fun as it may look! And it takes ages! But it turned out very nice :) still have some more painting to do, but that will have to wait a few days!

Now I’m gonna make a bacon sandwich oh yeah!!! I so deserve it! Xx



Calvin Klein pre fall 2013-14 collection impressed me! Cause I wasn’t too fond of their spring collection, but thumbs up for this one! Loving all the leather, and it’s minimalism! Leather is so trendy now and according to the pre fall collections I’ve seen, the trend will continue!

Any thoughts readers? hot or not?