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Stole this Rolling Stones tee from my boyfriend, cut off the sleeves and hello vest top! Also he must have shrunk it in the wash or something cause it’s tiny, perfect size for me though, so win win for moi! Will look wicked with a leather!

Who doesn’t love a bit of a young Keith Richards on their chest ey!




For those of you that have been following my blog for a while are probably aware of my style obsession with Erin Wasson!

She is definitely my biggest style icon! Everything this girl puts on transforms into hot, effortless coolness, therefore I just had to share some pics of this woman!

Also started watching the US styled to rock show, and she’s in the judging panel, not only is she rocking her outfits but hello! she also seems to be the coolest girl ever! U feel me?

And pst if u haven’t watched styled to rock, uk version or us, watch it! Much better then project runway and all of those designer shows, just saying.

Gosh starving now, food panic! I’m out! XX

Stina Rapp Wastenson


Wrote about this model newcomer for The Fashionography the other week and found out she’s from Lund, Sweden which is my little hometown, random, guess Lund just got a bit more fashionable!

Anyways, I absolutely adore her looks and this spread is brilliant! Really looking forward of seeing more of Stina, she’s got star quality written all over her! What do I think? Like?

Check the rest of the gorgeous photos and my description HERE!

Wicked game



Hello! you ready for a new week? I sure am, hoping it’s gonna be less of a snowy one though.. Been baa oaky sitting indoors all last week, cause of the snowy weather, I’m pretty done with winter times now, spring hello where are u?!? Come to me!!

Anyways, watched the wolf of Wall Street for the second time last night, it was just as awesome as the first time around, Leo and Scorsese love!

Today it’s writing time for The Fashionography :) Todels!

earrings: Cheap Monday



Alexander Vauthier spring/summer 2014 couture

Just have one word for this collection and it’s WOW! Gold bling, red lips and black chiffon, not sure it can get any better!

The non shiny leather jacket is just brilliant, want! And the white bejewelled jacket is to die for!

The plan for tonight was to watch the wolf of Wall Street on the cinema, second time around for me, watched it a few weeks ago in London and it was as expected freakin amazing! Martin Scorsese’s films are top notch and this time around it’s no different, him + Leo is too good of a combo to miss out on!

Anyways was gonna join my mum and sis tonight to watch it, but sadly there were no seats available.. a bit disappointed.. but we’re going tomorrow instead! If u haven’t seen it, u HAVE to go and see it! Alright, now cosy sofa time for moi! Xx

Just doing a Miley


Hello I’m officially back on the blog track!

Moved back to my old blog address which I’ve reconstructed :) hope you like it? The weird thing is though, that if u check my blog from a phone a different header shows, haven’t got my head around that.. Need to fix!

Also sorry for the blog pause, been in London again, broken laptop, new laptop… also took time to redesign my blog and didn’t wanna reveal it until I felt it looked like I wanted it to look. But now it’s on people to donkey quan! I’m gonna make it up to u! X



Such an amazing spread by photographer Camilla Åkrans for the 96 issue of Numèro, September 2008 starring model Edita Vilkeviciute, love it! U like?

I’m in London now woop woop! Also, happy new year u all!! Hope u had a lovely newyears!! Mine was great, spent it in London, the evening started with a lush 3 course dinner with my boyfriend at a lovely exotic restaurant, where a gorgeous belly dancer danced, it was amazing!!

After that we met up with a few friends and celebrated the new year countdown at a real nice bar/pub that truly embodied the evening with balloons hanging from the ceiling and a gorgeous Christmas tree, loved it! Later it was house-party time, and then home! The whole night was a true success! Good times indeed! :)