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Video made by Michael Jones



  1. I love your blog so much, but I wonder how do you get your header so big, cause I’m always forced to crop it… Would love a response. Take care!

      1. aha, well I don’t know then, cause it just happened one day, used to have to crop it then, one day when I changed the header pic, it never asked me to crop, so I don’t know, x

  2. NO WAY! I sold those EXACT vintage raybans in my Etsy shop a while back!!!! Thats when my Etsy was called “From Paris with Love xx” though, not Nomad Youth… :) Anyways, had to comment!
    Also, please share how you went about getting such a fabulous job in London… do you enjoy London or does the weather get to you?
    I am FINALLY going to start DAILY posts on here…. (FORCING MYSELF TO DO IT!) and I just wanted to let you know that your blog is a big inspiration… thank you for finding me and “liking” some of my own posts!
    Happy Sunday from the states (yuck, ‘Merica! CANT WAIT TO GET BACK TO EUROPE!)
    All my best!
    – Kate

    1. Hiyaa! Oh did you sell em, that’s well cool! :D I really love em! Oh you’re so kind!! thanks for liking my blog :D! Oh I will make a post today then about me moving to london and the job I had ;) stay tuned!! Have a lovely sunday you too!! x :) and happy x mas!

  3. Love your blog. Love your personal style. I’m more of a hidden gem, thrift store shopper myself; only splurging on key items. I am looking forward to seeing more!

  4. Hey, I read in a comment on a blog that you live in Sweden but are originally from Bitola, I am a blogger (rather inactive, sadly, more of a designer) from Bitola as well. I gotta say I really adore your style and everything about your lifestyle. Do you ever visit Bitola? :)

    1. zdravo mario :D hello, so cool that you’re a designer from bitola!! I love it there, my family has a flat there, i’ve been there many many times, love it!!! so glad you like my blog!!

  5. I love your style girl, you are definitely infectious!!! Love your hair too….oh darling too bad you have a boyfriend ay. cuz i think your drop dead gorgeous! love your blog the black cape as well, very creative name!

  6. A real refreshment you are :) I am so glad the girls from Macedonian Fashion Bloggers presented your blog. I am surprised I haven’t found you earlier myself hahaha I love your originality and rebel spirit. Definitely following you :*

      1. We wish you could have a chance to check our jewellery. I am based in London so you could personally see them if you’d like to :) have a great day!

      2. Oh! Well, let us know if you want to meet us when you are back! :) Have a great day!

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