Bracelet: gina tricot, shoes: Stella McCartney, skirt: topshop, watch: gina tricot, clutch: whistles

White white white

I know I’ve posted about the Stella shoes a few times before, but I feel so much love to them, so this won’t be the last time! Ha :), Also gina tricot has got some nice accessories in! A few watches I really like!

So came home not very long ago from Gothenburg, arrived there yesterday evening, and met my friend signe, checked out her and her boyfriends new place which is lush! Well jealous! Then she made me an amazing chicken salad that included everything!! Yum so good!

After that we cuddled up with some tea in the sofa and had a proper catch up :). This morning we woke up real early to head over to the school where I had my IELTS test, which went fine! At least I think so and hope so! :) now it’s relaxing time in my sofa :)


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