You wanna spa?










Today is not just a normal day it’s my sister’s birthday!! Even though there’s 18 years between us, she still feels like a twin to me, we’re best friends, and I don’t know what I would have done without her, she a star!

A few weeks ago we celebrated her birthday by spending a night at a spa here in Sweden called Ystads saltsjöbad, me, my mum and my sister, girls trip! We’ve been there before and it’s such a beautiful spa, the interior, the food, the treatments, amazing!

First when we arrived we went for their brunch buffet which has everything you could ever ask for, from seafood to cakes, chocolate fountain and waffles, everything! After eating like a crazy person.. No judgement! Haha we had our treatment booked, this time we went for a treatment called “The creek experience” truly recommend it! You go through these different rooms each symbolises a part of the world and their typical treatments!

First we had a foot bath after that we moved into a steaming sauna, love a nice steaming sauna! Then a normal sauna, where you paused to go out and put ice one you, this representing Scandinavia, then we went into a Turkish-bath room, after that a moroccan room, where we put moroccan mud all over us! Then a rainforest shower, and in the end we put special oil all over us and went into a special drying room where you could relax and let the oil sink in. This took two hours and oh my, how relaxing!

In the evening we had a lovely dinner! And then in the morning we left after their outstanding breakfast. A perfect spa experience!

Today it’s her official birthday so we are gonna gather the family at hers for a lovely birthday dinner!



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