From left: iphone case: Diane Von Furstenberg/ headphones: Frends/ iphone case & dog iPad case: Marc by Marc Jacobs/ iphone case: Miu Miu/ iPad case: Stella McCartney

Some accessories in the tech department!

A bit in love with the dog iPad case from Marc by Marc Jacobs! It’s lush don’t you agree? But before getting the case I’d better get an iPad first!

Today, me, mum and my sister are going to the spa and will be staying there for one night.
We’ve been there before so I’m quite excited for having their amazing brunch! Bacon, pancakes, there’s everything! I will go loco for it! Fooo shooo!

And then later on we’re booked a treatment called “the creek experience” which my sister said is real cool, where u kinda go through different rooms and each room represent a part of the world, and u get to experience that part’s typical treatments! Looking forward to it!

And in the evening we’re booked a three course dinner, yum yum! Then tomorrow were just gonna chillax :) will be cosy with some family time!


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