White top & sunnies: h&m/ fur: vintage/ wrangler denim jacket & Levi’s shorts: rokit vintage

Had a real cosy evening last night at my sister’s place, we actually ended up watching football, which isn’t like us at all, but my sis had realised that this game was a VERY important one, one that would decide if Sweden would play in the World Cup, so all of a sudden football got really intriguing! And we we’re well into it! And what a game it was, so good!

Then when I got home last night, I’d thought I update my iphone to the 7.2 version, while connected to iTunes all of a sudden it says it failed to update and the only thing I can do now is to restore the phone! If I panicked! Which means everything will be deleted!!

So obviously I got pretty stressed and also very angry at apple for doing this to me!! But thanks to iCloud I managed to get all my apps and pics back! Hallelujah moment! Stressful!


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