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Hello again! Had quite the nice Sunday today, started off with having lunch with one of my best friend’s who was in town only for the weekend, she recently moved to Gothenburg, so it was real nice to see her again and do a proper catch up! Then I went over to my sister’s place, we made cheesecake! I’ve never made cheesecake before, turns out it’s quite easy, the cake turned out alright, but we really wanted it to be more creamy, and not as thick as it turned out to be, oh well, guess we just have to try out some different recipes to find that perfect cheesecake! Hey if any of you guys have a good recipe, let me know!! :)

Moving on from the baking, had to post this gorgeous editorial from the new Rika Magazine #9 Fall/Winter 2013-14 issue, really love the styling and the simplicity of this shoot! It’s photographed by Annemarieke van Drimmelen!

Do you like this editorial? thoughts? :)


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