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 You can always trust Balmain to deliver an amazing collection! And this time is no different! Glam, rock, pinstripes, 80’s and sporty chic all in one! I love it! A bit surprised that this collection didn’t follow as much in the steps of their autumn/winter 2013-14 collection (you can see the collection HERE!where the massive shoulder pads were dominating the catwalk and the 80’s look was clearly reborn with as much glitter as one could possibly fit on a clothing item.

That was such a gorgeous collection too, but I’m glad they took that 80’s look and remade it a bit for their spring/summer collection! My absolutely favorite outfit is definitely the one in the top middle, that bomber jacket combined with that pinstriped/baseball top, baggy leather trousers and lot’s of gold statement pieces! WOW factor that is! Balmain, you killed it as always!

See the whole collection HERE!

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Wang Wang Wang, do I have to say more? As soon as you hear Wang’s name you know you’re expecting a hell of a collection! I’ve always been a killer for his minimalistic rock chic dressed models, no one can pull that off better then Wang himself!

This time we see a much more summery collection, with pastels combined with grey or leather, sharp cuts, let’s just say it’s minimalism at it’s best! A collection much more different then their autumn/winter 2013-14 collection (you can see it HERE!Which was very dark! Wang usually does dark collection’s but that one was even darker, almost a bit too dark. So I like this summer/spring Wang girl, with her pastels tops and cool edgy bottoms! Definitely one of my favorite spring/summer 2014 collections!

See the whole collection HERE! 

Click on the link below that says “mer” to read & see the rest of the shows!

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It’s Alexander Wang’s second collection as the new creative director for Balenciaga since Nicolas Ghesquière stepped down from the brand. Balenciaga being one of my favorite brands, I was a bit worried when a new designer was taking the lead of the brand, even though it was someone brilliant as Wang, you always worry and hope that the new designer keeps the brands strongest points alive and develop it in the best way.

After Wang did his first collection for the brand which was a nice but a very safe and a bit dissappointing autumn/winter 2013-14 collection (you can see it HERE!I was surely intrigued to see what he did this time around, if he would dare to take some risks. And I was gladly surprised, thought this was a lovely spring/summer collection where you can tell Wang still kept the strong Balenciaga vibes but also carefully tried to take some risks! Pastels and patterns on the gorgeous Balenciaga shaped items! It screams spring which I love!

See the whole collection HERE!

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Saint Laurent continues to deliver those french rock chic collections, and they sure do it well! Their autumn/winter 2013-14 collection was very grunge inspired with a lot of leather, check shirts and floral prints. (you can see it HERE!For the spring/summer 2014 collection, Saint Laurent went back to reinvent their last years spring/summer collection, (you can see it HERE!) Keeping those gorgeous tailored black trousers with the transparent blouses, but this time around with a more 80’s rock chic mixed with modern vibe to it, some big shoulders with a big focus on the waist, which makes one gorgeous collection!

See the whole collection HERE!

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After a whole lot of blacks, let’s throw in some colour, and who’s one of those that does colour best? Dolce & Gabbana of course!

Continuing in the footsteps of their autumn/winter 2013-14 collection, where some very bejeweled high class spanish ladies where seen working their catwalk with some clear Virgin Mary/Madonna associations, this time around we see a more free spirited spanish lady, that can easily throw on those gorgeous statement dresses but can also dress down for a day around town in a more simple outfit. Still kept some of that glam but also replacing a lot of it with amazing prints, from Egyptian statues to florals and polka dots. The “Spanish” lady has never looked better!

See the whole collection HERE!

photo (18)

You say sporty chic, I say Stella McCartney!

With over sized pinstriped items being the it factor in her autumn/winter 2013-14 collection (you can see it HERE!For this collection Stella has concentrated on doing some more fitted “girly” clothes, keeping those masculine loose suits from her last collection but reducing the size on them. Her expertise is doing sporty chic, which she does so well without over doing it! She always succeeds!

See the whole collection HERE!

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You wanna show a whole lot of leg, then you can’t go wrong with some Anthony Vaccarello!

After a very dark, sexy and leathery autumn/winter collection (you can see it HERE!Vaccarello kept his black but also threw in some more colours this time around! He experimented with some stone washed clothing and a lot of silver round studs he bejeweled most of his collection with. A few floaty dresses were made for a more summery look, and Vaccarello’s muse Anja Rubik was obviously the first model to walk the catwalk once the music and the lights came on! Well done Vaccarello!

See the whole collection HERE!

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After 16 years as a successful designer at Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs has now left the famous luxurious brand to focus on his own “Marc Jacobs” brand. His leaving was rumored a few days before the show, and was made very clear during the show, where he’d put together all of his all time famous show interior in one, the escalators, the carousel, the massive watch and the fountain, it was all there, covered in black. Almost funeral looking. The models were no exception, they were also all in black with only a hint of dark and light denim, as the only “other” colour to dominate the catwalk.

It was a very dramatic and beautiful ending to Marc Jacob’s time as the leading designer for Louis Vuitton!

The next designer taking over the brand has not yet been announced, some are speculating that it might be the former Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière.

See the whole collection HERE!


Every fashion week has it’s ups and down, some gladly surprising collections from your favorite designers and sometimes you discover new brands! But unfortunately there’s always a risk that you can’t ignore, the risk of a disappointing collection, for me this time, those brands that didn’t deliver all the way was Givenchy and 3.1 Phillip Lim, I’m such a huge Givenchy fan, but in their spring/summer 2014 collection, I didn’t see any of that famous Givenchy street wear vibes, for me it was a very confusing collection.

You can see the Givenchy collection HERE! 

3.1 Phillip Lim’s autumn/winter collection was amazing! (you can see it HERE!with such cool colours and cocky shapes! Winning a place as one of my favorite brands I was expecting Lim to WOW me over once again, unfortunately he didn’t. For me this collection was a not a very thought threw one, with a weird colour scheme and quite a few colour clashing’s. Sorry Lim, I love you, and really hope you can WOW me over on the next collection!

You can see the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection HERE!

Hope you enjoyed my fashion week sum up! And I’d love to find out what you thought of the collections! Which is your favorite? xx



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