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It’s competition time you all! Three people will win a  200 kr giftcard to shop for at the brilliant fashion site! Above I’ve picked just a few of my fave items from the website, especially love that green jumper!! Wowza,the gold ring/bracelet, the Marc Jacobs jumper, wicked clutch and the coco tee!!! Want want! Go to their website HERE! and check out what they have, they got some real nice, and unique stuff for some great prices, always fun to have something that not everyone else has! Am I not right?

It’s real easy to compete, all you have to do is to CLICK HERE!  Answer correctly on a few very easy questions, and you’re in the competition! The competition ends this friday, so get to it you all! ;)

 ( ships worldwide, but the questions in the competition are in swedish, u can always google translate though! or just aks me to translate) 

xoxo, and good luck ;)



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