Another goregeous collection from Stella McCartney for Adidas, damn this woman does sporty so well doesn’t she? London fashion week just finished yesterday, and before that we had New York fashion week, and cause I’ve been away and therefore not been able to update you all about fashion week, I will show you my fave bits and pieces these days to come! Today Milan fashion week starts, exciting, YES! and after that it’s Paris time!

So I came home from London on sunday, after an amazing week with my boyfriend!  A little London photo diary will come up later on today, so you can see what I got up to! ;)

Made myself a little “to do list” today actually, have some things to sort out, want to apply for a course, so need to figure out what has to be done! Also, the worst thing has happened, oh well, maybe not the worst thing … but still annoying. You see, it seems like my lovely backup hardrive is dying… (this is NOT suppose to happen dammit!) so guess I have to transfer everything to my other hardrive, which is chunky and loud… and it’s gonna take ages.. don’t like it, don’t like it AT ALL! or maybe now thinking about it, I should create a dropbox account… hmm


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