Gorgeous editorial from the Vogue Thailand September 2013 issue! Think the pictures and the styling is real nice! Thumbs up for this one! What do you think of it? Also don’t you think this spread feels really scandinavian? And HELLO to the Stella McCartney look in the top right, the stripes! you know I have a soft spot for that gorgeous sweater! Well if you didn’t know, now you sure do! like!!

I’ve been so sleepy all day today, when I woke up this morning it was a real struggle to get up, felt like I haven’t slept anything at all, but in reality I’d slept for like 8/9 hours! Though I’d wake up a bit more during the day, but no no, never did, so therefore I’ve been real agitated the last few hours.. Still got a few more things to do before bed, but so gonna have an early one tonight! So I can get my beauty sleep before the man see’s me tomorrow :)!

Hope you all had a nice day! xx


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