A little sneak peek of the outfit coming up!! ;) so stay tuned!

Tried to upload this sneak peek earlier on today, just before I went to the gym, but wordpress wasn’t agreeing with me, so that’s why the sneak peek and also the outfit will come a bit later on then usual!

So yes. the gym went well! Went hardcore today again! But when I ran, I think I’ve streched a nerv or something, cause they’re something hurting a bit in my left leg, well guess my muscles and nervs are in total shock, “omg, is she moving her body? IS SHE?!?” Anyways, hope it won’t hurt like hell tomorrow! Then after the gym I went over to my sister’s place, thought I’d pop by and say hello, I showed her some great new tunes, and as usual I did my funky fresh dance moves all around the house.

Then just before I left, I checked instagram, and I got REALLY annoyed and a bit angry I must admit! Well I noticed that one of sweden’s biggest fashion blogger’s showed up in the “explore” section, so I clicked to check out her pics, and I got so shocked and disappointed, most of her insta pics, were of her in underwear/ bikini, taking pics of herself in mirrors, and sure that’s fine, do that, but she’s so insanely skinny, like crazy skinny, looks sick to be honest… and with like 150 K followers, imagine all the young girls looking at her pics, and think that’s normal, and hot looking. And that’s how you’re supposed to look like.

With such a massive fan base, alright you’re proud of your tummy, feel free to take pics of it, and put it in a personal album, but there’s no need to show it on instagram, sure maybe once or twice, but not ALL the time. day after day! Also she’s not one of those crazy plastic surgery bloggers, that are super vain, where you would have expected to see that kinda photos , no, she’s a fashion blogger, I was expecting some cool outfit posts or something, but no no!  So I must admit that I lost a whole lot of respect for her when I saw all of those half naked pics. Now it kinda feels like half of her insta followers are horny boys and not people that like her fashion blog and style.

And I’m not like a crazy feminist kinda gal, but this just felt a bit cheap, and just wrong and sad.  Am I being a total bitch about it? 




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