crazyy new

Camo jacket: Rokit Vintage, jewellery: h&m


I can let you know that I did survive the workout! And not just survived it, I actually thought it was real fun!  Tried to do some running before, here outside, but haven’t been so in to it, thought it was much easier to keep motivated when running on the running machine like today! So I did running, also did some strength exercises for legs and arms, and again, never worked out on machines before, and thought it was real nice! I understand the whole “gym” thing now! Gonna go to the gym at least once a week from now on! Two even better, tuesdays and thursdays. oh yeah it’s on!

I used to dance loads a few years ago, back then I was in great shape, but since I stopped dancing I just haven’t felt motivated enough to work out, thought it was boring, but now, hello gym!

Are you guys good with staying in shape?


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