Of the outfit coming up! 

Hello hello, sorry I haven’t updated that much this weekend! But it’s because I’ve been staying at my sister’s place cause our cousin from Australia is here, and she stayed at my sister’s place too, so we had two amazing days together! Before she moved to her other cousin’s place to stay for a bit.

We had a lovely time, and she’s got the cutest little 5 year old girl called Belle, oh my, she’s so sweet!! I did her hair on saturday before we went out for dinner :) I made a fishtail braid, and put a flower in the braid :) She also let me borrow a few of her bracelets, so we could match :) Oh such a cuddler! Gonna see them once more, hopefully, before they head back to Australia, which they’ll do on thursday. Wish they could stay longer!

Now I’m gonna get ready to head over to our allotment, cause my brother and his kids are gonna come there, so it’s gonna be a cosy family day! :)

Have a great day everyone! xxx


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