Pic 1: Me & Julia outside Julia’s summer house with the horses having a yolo moment, ha :)
Pic 2: The beautiful gate that belonged to Julia’s summer house, gorgeous!
Pic 3: Julia and Signe outside the summer house, such a cute house!
Pic 4: Me among all the horses.
Pic 5: breakfast time, yum!
Pic 6: A lush breakfast spent at Julia’s flat’s balcony with Signe, in the sunshine :)
Pic 7: The girls the evening before, after a nice dinner at the balcony we had tea and later some ice cream
Pic 8: mm another breakfast, I’m a big fan of my morning raspberry smoothie! It’s a must!
Pic 9: cows outside Julia’s summer house :) country side for real!

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Hello hello :) I’m spending this weekend at my sister’s place, looking after her house and her teenage son, while she’s spending the weekend in Paris,
so last night I invited a few of my friends and made them a nice dinner :) and we had a few drinks, real nice evening!

Today I’m just spending the day indoors chilling out :) it’s raining outside so it’s one of those tv days :) me likey!

Hope all of are having a great Saturday! Xx


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