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Sunday evening street style!

Some Sunday late insp :) always fun with some inspiration for the week to come!

So I’ve been one busy bird this weekend, It was a proper girls weekend! One of my best friend’s has been down this week from Stockholm, so been spending the entire weekend with her and another friend :) we had a BBQ at her place on Friday evening, dinner in the garden, so nice!

Next day we went to the beach, did some proper tanning ;) later
on in the evening we went to my friend’s place and had a sleepover! Which I haven’t done for ages!! Cosy :) we made lush food, and ice cream and such! And then this morning we started off the day with breakfast with berries at the sunny balcony! :) then beach time again!

And finally after that I went to our allotment where my family was all gathered for a BBQ, and in an hour I’m meeting my sthlm friend again, she’s going away tomorrow to her summer house, so gonna say bye for now, (prob gonna visit her in her summer house on Wednesday though) so gonna meet her and another friend in a bit, so before that, I’m having a little rest :) been quite busy as you can tell so need a little time to breath out :) but been so fun!


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