Month: July 2013


The sneak peek of the outfit coming up!

I am right now laying on the balcony in the sunshine :) as I often do nowadays, haha, but one has to seize the moment, not sure if I’ve ever experienced such a warm summer in Sweden before like this years! It’s lush!

Gonna tan a bit more and then it’s cleaning time, my mum is coming home from her holiday today, so the home has to look nice!






Pic 1: Turning torso by day!
Pic 2: Me in tha harbour, and some couples dancing tango in the sunshine! Real romantic!
Pic 3: The beautiful harbour!
Pic 4: My friend in the sunshine :)

A few pics from lately!

Now I’m at my friends place :) we’re gonna watch Anna Karenina now! :)






Shorts: Levi’s, rokit vintage, shoes: creepers underground, shirt: h&m (old) tank: bikbok, sunnies: h&m , necklaces: vintage and Dolce & gabbana

I love this red check shirt, been having it for ages, and it’s still my baby! Felt it was time to put it on ;).

Quite a late post today, sorry, just came home from painting out cottage in our allotment, u see! Funny thing about painting, it always seems quite fun when you watch someone do it on tv or something but then once you do it, you notice quite quickly that it’s not as fun as it may look! And it takes ages! But it turned out very nice :) still have some more painting to do, but that will have to wait a few days!

Now I’m gonna make a bacon sandwich oh yeah!!! I so deserve it! Xx


The sneak peek of the outfit coming up later on today ;) so stay tuned ;)

Today has been my “doing errands” day, been to the doctor’s and took a blood test, I always hated taking blood tests, it’s not that in afraid of needles or such, I just think the whole process is uncomfortable. I’m one of those who easily can feel dizzy of it, and have even fainted once…

But last time I did it was in London, had a friend with me, and it was one of those drop in blood tests, so it went really quick, just needle in and out, and that time went surprisingly well, so figured this time
would too!

Went on my own, I was gonna be brave! She called me in and I sat down , and she made me wait for ages, so obviously I had time to build the whole thing up!

I told her that I was a real chicken when it comes to these things, so I got to lay down while she did it, think she took quite a lot of blood..started getting VERY warm, sat up and thought it went alright, then it started to get darker and darker in front of my eyes, I was like ”
Oh no, everything is getting dark now!”
So she laid me down again, and it made me feel a lot better, got a sweet and water, and I felt like a real pussy! Haha a proper drama queen!

I thought I was gonna rock it this time! But guess not, well well, some things never change I guess! Are u guys like me? Not into these things ? Or are u one of those cool and calm people?

So after that I had some things to get from the pharmacy and the shop, even managed to walk my neighbours dog a
little bit, and buy my other neighbour who’s quite old cigarettes. Felt real helpful, and I’m so connecting with the neighbours oh yeah!
My neighbour mojo is so on!

Now I’m having a little tanning session at the balcony :) xx


Clutch: Martin Margiela, necklace: (think it comes from topshop), trainers: Nike, Coat: Topshop, t-shirt: LPD New York, shorts:

A fun outfit if you wanna be comfortable and chic at the same time ;) combining the minimalistic trend with the sporty trend!
Add a pair of fun coloured trainers to spice up the outfit and the look is completed! :) do you like the outfit?

I’ve been having a great day at my brother’s :) we went to a beach near them and after that we had a BBQ, real nice :) now I’m back home and watching a movie!

Sorry there’s been a while ago I posted outfit pics but been having some trouble with my laptop cause its literally hanging by a tread… No joke! But will show u some pics tomorrow ;) night night :) xx


WOW what a stunning editorial featuring one of my favourite models miss Georgia May Jagger in the August issue of Vogue Paris! It’s beautifully photographed by Lachlan Bailey!

This is one of my favourite shoots that I’ve seen in a while! The styling with the tartan mixed up with grungy accessories, looks amazing! What is your opinion about this shoot? :)

Now I’m on my way to my brothers place :) it was a while ago I saw my nephew and niece, miss them! We’re gonna go to their beach :)



The perfect way to
combine music, fashion and hang out with friends, festivals!! I know I posted some festival pics the other day but I couldn’t resist to post these pics too! Love all these looks!

Wowza so today it’s even hotter outside then it was yesterday, been at my friends allotment today and did some tanning, but it was almost too warm to be able to lay in the sun! Now I’m in my allotment, chilling out :)

Also some of my friends are in Stockholm today to see Rihanna play!
Can u guess how jealous I am?!? SO wish I was there!

I’m so shit with checking who’s playing and where, when I saw Britney,
Madonna and Kiss, or other artists it was always my friends who organised it, so I need to get better at checking those things! Is there a good website out there where u can check? U know any good ones? :)


I’m back in my home sweet home now after spending the entire weekend at my sister’s place :) been a very cosy weekend, with great food, beach time and movies!

Today and yesterday we went to this bigger beach which is a bit further away then the beaches near us, and the water and the beach is gorgeous there! So worth the little road trip!

Where we laid on the beach today, a woman that was about 30-38 years old and her two little kids came
a while after us and laid down behind us, and this woman had a gorgeous body! I was a bit amazed! Perfect tummy, bum and
boobs, wow I say! And she seemed so sweet as well, so when they later on moved to a different spot I just had to tell her that I thought she had a gorgeous body! And obviously she got real happy!

If you really like something on
someone or like something they do I think it’s really nice to let that person know, you know it will make them happy to hear! So why not ey? U with me? :) lighten up someone’s day! I’ve started to do that lately! And I always get happy by seeing them get happy! :)

Also noticed this other middle aged woman, that my sister apparently had noticed yesterday at the beach as well, and my sis said that it was a bit strange cause she changed three times that day, into three different bikinis!
And today oh my !! She got changed 4 times! With that I mean 4 different sets!
As soon as she been in the water and came up on the beach, it was time for a new bikini!

And I would have understood is she just doesn’t like laying in a wet bikini, but then I would have thought that u might just bring two sets bikini with u, so when your in the sea, the other bikini is dry for u when u come back, and then switch again,
but NO this woman never wore the same bikini twice, she must own a whole lot of swimwear! So in total over the weekend we saw her in 7 different bikini sets! Two days that was! Pretty impressing that’s even possible! Haha!

Anyways I’m home now and real tired, my hair is grouse, so time to wash it, can’t really be bothered but it’s time! I’m all sandy as well, time to clean up! Then just cosy up and watch something :) might even make Ben & Jerry to join me!