Pics: Rami Hanna blog, google

Plastic is really fantastic isn’t it?! Love all the plastic accessories, think it’s a different and fun trend! Adore those heels in the top left!! They’re gorgeous! Can imagine that it can get real sweaty in there though… but what don’t you do
for fashion ;) You like any of them? :)

So the plan for today was to go to the beach, but looks like we can’t really trust today’s weather, apparently it was just raining, right now it’s sunny but might start raining again, so I will lay on the balcony a bit instead, now whilst it sunny! Then I might head over to my sister’s place, my cousin and his family will be there! :)


  1. They are sooo cool!! Actually I really don’t know where to finde some good ones… and I am also afraid that they hurt…
    But hey we could creat a new word….plastastic… XD good word!! Greats from Milan, b.

    1. YES to plastatic! Haha like! Yes guessing its a bit risky to buy these kind of shoes online, u like to try em on first to see if they’re comfy! U must be able to find them in a store in Milan ;) x

      1. Exactly …. !!! Milan is a great shopping city … But… I haven’t seen some in a league I would like to spend for plastic… You know?! We’ll see:))

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