20130714-205932.jpg Top: h&m trend, blazer: gina tricot, shorts: h&m trend, clutch: minusey.com, heels: from Macedonia, sunnies: topshop, wallet: DKNY

Golden shorts hello!!

Got to borrow these amazing shorts from my friend yesterday, aren’t they wicked?! I’m a bit in love I will admit! Thought they go well with my metallic post from yesterday too ;) a man with a plan ey ;) haha!

Also wearing my new heels that I bought in Macedonia, love em!! :) you like?

Anyways, still just being a lazy bird at home, so in the mood for ice cream I might add! Have some in the freezer , gonna go cray for it soon!

I’ve been spending my day listening loads to my friends London based band Molly’s Lipps new single Advice oh my, it’s such a tune!! So summery, love it! :)

You can listen & watch the video HERE! You can also follow them on their website HERE! :)

They do loads of gigs around in London so you should go and check em out ;) so worth it!



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