Pic 1: BBQ time with my friends in my friend’s super cosy allotment!
Pic 2: Tanning time with some ice cream and berries, can it get any better then that?!?! YUM!
Pic 3: Been spending almost everyday at the beach! Yesterday we went to this other beach in Skanör in Sweden which I’ve actually never been to before! it was so pretty!!
Pic 4: Me and my sis are embracing our heritage with these new Macedonian aprons! Ha :) while preparing for BBQ time!
Pic 5: New heels on, oh I’m so in love with them!! More pics of them will come ! :)
Pic 6: Laying on the terrace in the sun with the new Elle mag, love!
Pic 7: My girls are working the BBQ! Ain’t no man needed here!!!
Pic 8: Gold shorts on!!! Statement piece or what?!
Pic 9: Me at the beach working my new black bikini :)

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So it’s Sunday today :) and I can tell its going to be one of those lazy Sundays! Still in bed u see!
Also the plan was to go to the beach today again, but the weather is not agreeing with us, so no, just gonna chill out at home :)

Ps need to point out how productive I felt when I came home from my sister’s place last night! I been needing to copy loads of files to my extra hard drive now for a while, cause
my laptop is literally hanging by a tread! (U don’t wanna know how bad it is) but been ignoring it for a while (cause it’s such a boring time to do and it can take ages!!) until last night when I felt it was time! Oh yeah! Feel so proud of myself after doing that!


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