So are you? I love the minimalistic trend! Clean, sharp edges, always a win win!

So I’m in Macedonia now as u might already know :) third day here! And been having such a great time! The entire family is here, mum, dad, brother sister kids everyone!

Me and my sis and nephew are staying at my aunts place in the mountains :), and the rest are staying in our flat in the center! It’s real warm here like 32 degrees or something! Hot hot hot!

I’ve discovered the best ice cream place ever! Yogurt and the best chocolate ice cream oh my! So good!

Also my aunt doesn’t have wifi but apparently u can steal the neighbours if u sit in a specific corner in the house haha ;) but it’s not working that great! But good enough! :)

Also bought a new bikini, so happy with it!! will instagram a pic of it this week ;) have a great day everyone!



  1. I love the orange one! I found an older version of it in a consignment shop it was channel with a gold handle but it still rolled over on the top like this one :) I loved it till it fell apart!

  2. As much i love the minimalism trend i have to agree with Tom Ford and my style guru Anna Dello Russo when they say “minimalism is boring! and Nothing succeeds like excess” nevertheless i have to agree that there is a certain charm about the minimalism trend.One can always manage to look so-chic,so-stylish while sporting this trend :)
    Great post!

    1. Ah I see :) I like to work both trends, sometimes the occation suits a more minimalistic look, and sometimes I just go opposite! Lots of bling and such ;) Glad u liked the post!! :D

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